Solvent-Based Marking Paints: Utility

Solvent-Based Marking Paints: Utility

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Mark locations of underground utilities, as well as aisles, pathways, and parking lines.

  • Apply to virtually any indoor or outdoor surfaces, including concrete, gravel, asphalt, soil, and grass
  • Large 17-oz. cans are designed for upside-down use
  • Fast-drying, long-lasting, high-solids formula penetrates and adheres quickly to most surfaces
  • Paints are VOC compliant and lead-free

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Marking Paints: Solvent Based Utility

Mark sites and locations as well as stripe underground lines, aisles, pathways, parking lines and traffic lines.

Aerosol paints can be applied to virtually any indoor and outdoor surface, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, soil, and grass. Large 17-oz. cans are designed for upside-down use with non-clogging spray tips. Cans contain fast-drying, long-lasting, high-solids formula paint that penetrates and adheres quickly to most surfaces. Paints are VOC-compliant and lead-free.

Note: Not available for sale in Canada.

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