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Featuring Innovative
One-of-a-Kind Designs

Our full-line of STOPOUT® Lockout Devices exclusively created by Accuform, incorporates a distinctive, signature red octagonal design, conveying the universal STOP symbol when locked out. These devices are the ideal solution for putting a stop to energy sources found throughout all lines of work.

Plug Lockouts                         
Circuit Breaker Lockouts
Cable Lockouts
Valve & Cylinder Lockouts
Pneumatic Lockouts
Switch Lockouts
Button Covers
Security Seals & Ties
Lockout Centers & Kits
Steering Wheel Message Covers
Group Lock Boxes
Energy Source ID Tags 

Don't forget your safety tags! The full-line of STOPOUT® Tags are available in a variety of messages, dispensers, and quantities.

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7 Steps Towards Lockout Compliance

Purchasing the products needed to safely and securely lock out the equipment

1. Be Aware of Lockout Regulations

Become familiar with the
federal regulations.

2. Develop a List of
Machinery and Equipment

Survey your facility for all
machinery and equipment.

3. Identify & Mark Energy Source & Lockout Points

Locate and document start-up
areas of energy sources.

4. Determine the
Lockout Controls

Identify and document the
necessary devices.

5. Set Up Lockout Training
& Procedure Program

Develop, standardize, and document
the lockout process.

6. Implement the
Lockout Program

Initiate and enact the
lockout/tagout program.

7. Review Lockout

Identify and document changes
to existing procedures.

Read About OSHA
Hazardous Energy

29 CFR § 1910.147… The Control
of Hazardous Energy ... Read

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