Why Customized Signs Are More Effective

Don't settle for just any stock message when you can Personalize It!

It’s no surprise that research shows that cautionary signage is one of the most effective ways to keep people safe in the workplace. To increase the effectiveness of your customers’ safety signage, and better meet their needs, take advantage of Accuform’s customization services. 

We’ve found that customized signs are critical for maintaining a safe and compliant workplace and creating a culture of safety. By offering customers custom safety signage, you can give them signs that meet their exact specifications and needs.  

With our Personalize It! customization services, your customers can do something as simple as swapping out colors and text, changing the shape and size of signs, or translating the text to another language. Better yet, they can build a comprehensive, branded communications system that promotes awareness of safety procedures and boosts team morale—without paying setup or design fees. 

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Here are 5 reasons why you should encourage customers to customize signs to increase their effectiveness. 

1) Custom signs can stay around longer  

Your customers have the option to customize the material of any safety sign for their environment, so their signs last longer and messages won’t fade or crack. Certain materials are better suited for outdoor or wet environments, while others are more resistant to abrasions and impacts. And while all materials can withstand hot and cold climates, certain materials work best when extreme temperatures. Please get to know the available sign material options, so you can help your customers choose the right material for their work environment. 

2) Safety messages should be specific to the facility 

While safety meetings go a long way in communicating safety protocols and procedures, workers likely need reminders on the floor or the job site. If a customer is concerned about the safety hazards presented by their specific facility, you can allow them to call out those hazards on OSHA-compliant signs with customization. Safety managers can also include company safety slogans or protocols specific to their equipment, processes, and facility. 

3) Custom signs make employees feel safer 

Often, safety managers buy safety signs as needed, and the result is a haphazard collection of disconnected safety signs. However, with customization, you can help your customers build a comprehensive, branded safety communication system. Signs can be printed using a company’s brand colors and font with company logos and taglines. Not only will consistent branding reinforce safety messages, but the investment in branded signs helps management show they care about their employee safety, which encourages employee buy-in to safety procedures. 

4) Custom signs allow for more practical placement 

Safety messages are undeniably most effective when read when they need to be enforced. Pinch-point safety procedures should be located near machinery that can cause those accidents to occur, much like ladder safety protocols should be posted where ladders are stored or used. You and your customers can alter the shape and size of any Accuform sign to ensure it fits and can be hung in the space where it will be most effective.  

5) Customization allows for more eye-catching designs 

After walking past a red caution sign for weeks on end, employees will likely start to ignore the sign—and its safety message. Three out of four safety professionals believe changing safety posters more often increases their effectiveness. In addition to encouraging customers to change out safety posters frequently, you can offer customization as a way to design attention-grabbing signs.  

Use bright colors or large text to call out essential safety messages or add icons or pictures to posters to communicate to employees walking by quickly. Does your client fancy themselves a comedian? Help them grab employees’ attention (and help employees retain safety messages) with a humorous sign. Another way to quickly and effectively communicate safety messages is to create signs that include photos of your customer’s staff, facility, or equipment.  

If your customer is trying to explain how to safely use a piece of equipment, why not create a step-by-step instructional poster using pictures of the actual equipment in their space? Or if they want to remind employees to practice safety out on the floor, a team picture will go a long way in reminding them who they are protecting by following the rules. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing a picture of themselves hanging on the wall? 

As your supplier of choice, it’s our goal to ensure you have all the tools to meet customer requests. With our Personalize It! design services, we can design safety signs, tags, labels, scoreboards, and more from scratch to meet your customers’ exact needs.  

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